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How to Earn the HMS® Certification
If you want to earn the Home Measurement Specialist (HMS®) certification, there are two (2) required courses and one (1) skill verification exam. 

The two (2) requirements that must be met to attain and use the HMS® certification are: 

1. Successful completion of the seven-hour HMS® Certification CORE Course (ANSI® Home Measurement & the Power of Price-Per-Square-Foot). After successful completion of the CORE Course, you will have one year in which to complete the second HMS® course. (Also approved for Certification is the eight-hour course Home Measurement Basics offered through the Columbia Institute and Arizona Coalition of Appraisers.)

2. The second step to earning your Home Measurement Specialist Certification is to complete the seven-hour (Public Records,Square Footage & the Real Estate Information Crisiscourse. After completing both courses, and successfully completing the final exam, you will be awarded the (HMS®) Home Measurement Specialist Certification. Upon completion of the Certification requirements, you will be contacted with your formal achievement certificate, distinguished wall plaque, and additional information about the HMS® certification benefits package. 

Register Today! Once you complete the course registration, you will have immediate access to the online materials through For questions about registering, please contact us at To meet your busy schedule, courses are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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How do I earn the Home Measurement Specialist Certification?  

Realtors®, appraisers, and others can earn the Home Measurement Specialist Certification by completing the following objectives: Take the 7-hour Core Course (ANSI®, Home Measurement, & the Power of Price-Per-Square-Foot); the 7-hour Public Records, Square Footage & the Real Estate Information Crisis course; and then pass the comprehensive skills final exam (available on this website).  

Are exams required to earn the Certification? 

Yes. Due to the unique nature of this course and extensive training materials, there will be a required exam at the end of both courses with a required pass rate of 75%. In order to achieve the HMS® Certification, students will have to demonstrate a thorough understanding of measurement principles and procedures, and a fundamental understanding of the power of real property information (square footage and all home details) over the home valuation process. In addition, students will have to demonstrate a knowledge of the real estate information network and its influence on the real estate, appraisal, and mortgage lending industries. The exams help to ensure a complete comprehension of key topics and ensure all those who hold the HMS® Certification have a thorough understanding of this complex topic. 

How long do I have to complete the program?

You have one year from the time of purchase to complete both online courses. In that time, you may log in and out of your account as many times as you like, and complete the courses when it is convenient for you. Access is 24/7. You have up to one year from the time you finish your first course to complete the Certification program.  

Are there any other certification or designation programs related to residential square footage and the real estate information network? 

No. The “HMS®” Certification is the only one of its kind. It is the only comprehensive home measurement and square footage education course available throughout the real estate industry. From new agent or trainee to seasoned veteran, you will learn something new in this program. This Certification program was created and is sponsored by the Institute of Housing Technologies, LLC.   

I have substantial education and/or experience in measuring residential square footage and about the real estate/appraisal industry. Can I test out of the educational requirements of the HMS® Certification?

While we are thrilled so many individuals bring considerable education and experience as prospective students for the HMS® Certification program, it is not possible to test out of the educational requirements of the program. We need to guarantee that everyone who earns the HMS® Certification and distinguishes himself or herself as a HMS® Designee, has the same core or baseline education. As you know, the HMS® Certification is a one of a kind training program. It is therefore essential that all students complete the full course training.  

What are the benefits of becoming a Home Measurement Specialist?

Once you’ve earned the HMS® Certification you will receive the latest information on residential square footage issues, authoritative research on AVM’s, CMA’s, MLS and the public records system; a member’s only question and answer blog, communication forums with your peers, other related educational resources, a searchable referral network, marketing tools, consumer awareness campaigns, and much more! And, we are always open to your ideas. Square footage provides the “currency” of real estate and this Certification helps your clients know that you are educated and motivated to help them make the most of their real estate investment. 

Enhance consumer/client confidence in hiring a full service real estate professional. In every residential transaction, "size matters;" and, as a Home Measurement Specialist, you are armed with the best in residential measurement methodology, technology, publications, continuing research, a support system for measurement and communication issues, and a Certification unlike any other in the industry. 

Membership includes access to panel of residential measurement experts who will answer your questions on ANSI® and the rules of residential home measuring.

Can I use the HMS® Certification immediately after completing the course?

Yes, the HMS® certification is awarded upon completing the courses and passing the final examination. 

What will I be able to do after taking this advanced real estate training? 

You will have a very solid foundation in the “art” of measuring a single-family home. The knowledge you will have gained will provide you with the tools to be very comfortable in explaining the home valuation process to your clients. You will be able to offer a true value added service for your clients. You’ll find yourself being sought out by consumers and your peers.  

Does this course count for CE?

Check with to see the most recent list of approved CE states. Keep checking back to see new state approvals. The Certification (HMS®) is available for use immediately following completion of your course requirements, with or without CE credit. 

Is this home measurement training NAR approved? 

The National Association of Realtors® does not currently own a home measurement or square footage certification or designation course and only recognizes the designations that they do own. They own some 20 of the over 70 real estate designations and certifications in the industry. Visit Realtor® University for more information on NAR approved education programs. 

The Institute of Housing Technologies, LLC has been in the real estate education industry since 2003 and has published numerous books, courses, webinars, videos, and articles. No other organization has done more research or acquired more knowledge about the subject of residential square footage. The Institute is the most complete source of information regarding residential square footage and the real estate information network. 

Do I need any previous experience with real estate, appraisal, home measurement or construction? Do you have to be a licensed real estate agent or appraiser to earn the Certification? 

No. The Home Measurement Specialist (HMS®) program focuses on giving anyone a solid foundation and an overview of all the key aspects of home measurement and the real estate information system. The HMS® Courses have been developed to provide agents/appraisers and others that have a background in either real estate, appraisal, or home construction with a solid foundation in square footage education. While not a requirement for Certification, a real estate background is very beneficial in understanding the material and passing the required examinations. 

Are the HMS® Certification courses available online?

Both courses are now available exclusively through the platform. The final exam and application are available through this site. 

We are working with education providers across the country to develop live versions of both Certification courses as well as several new courses to help you further your square footage knowledge and skills. Keep checking our site for updates,  

How much are the courses?

Both courses are listed at $109.95 and the final exam/application is $149.00. Please check with our course provider to determine if any group discounts apply. 

I'm ready to get started with my coursework. Where do I start?

Start by signing up for your first course. You can choose to take the ANSI®, Home Measurement & the Power of Price-Per-Square-Foot course first; or, the class Public Records, Square Footage & the Real Estate Information Crisis; it's up to you. Please remember, however, that both Courses must be taken within six months of each other to be counted toward the Home Measurement Specialist Certification. 
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