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Benefits of the Home Measurement Specialist Certification
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* A knowledge you won't find anywhere else
* Discover the rules, and the misconceptions about ANSI®
* Add a Certification to the end of your name
* Good for your business, your clients, and good for the real estate industry
* Show clients your commitment to education
* Today more than ever, learn more - earn more
* Continued support with answers to any measurement questions 
* New research on AVM's, MLS, & all square footage & valuation issues
* New ads and articles for your local use
* Attract more business
* Blogs sharing similar issues with your peers
* National Referral Directory
* And Much More... New Benefits Being Added Monthly 

Perfect for appraisal trainees, new agents, and anyone who provides square footage information for others. Gain access to advertising campaigns, client handouts and forms, and square footage disclosures. Help educate consumers, help them sell their homes for a fair price, and build your business at the same time. The time has come for back to basics real estate and here's your chance to help your customers, your peers, and the real estate and mortgage industries in the process. 

Several of the nation’s largest insurance companies have started teaching classes on measuring residential square footage. Inaccurate square footage information costs the insurance industry millions ever year. “Size” or square footage actually influences many industries. 

Most insurance providers depend on the square footage data reported within MLS, rather than the frequently inaccurate public records available from the local assessor’s office.  


The “Home Measurement Specialist.” Buyers and sellers understand more about today’s real estate market; about home values and about how square footage affects home prices. So should you…The HGTV® generation of home buyers and sellers is more real estate savvy than at any time in history. And, they are learning more all the time. The more they learn, the more they will be looking for real estate professionals who understand today's unique real estate market. It's a changing world in the real estate industry and new niche markets will dominate much of the business. Specialist; the world is interested in finding the top specialist in every field. An HMS® will stand out as the new top specialist in pricing real estate in today'e real estate environment. Protecting consumers and ensuring smooth closings.   
Abra Kadabra...
Why HMS®? In a word, knowledge. Like most businesses, the more knowledge a professional possesses, the more successful they become. As a consumer, you want to work with the most knowledgeable person in your area. When you have questions, you want to trust in the answers your expert provides. In this sometimes crazy world of real estate, at least one thing has never changed. Real estate 101 – the home that is priced well sells well. Good market, bad market, no matter the location or circumstances - the fundamentals of real estate success come down to accurate pricing (at that time). Accurate pricing from the start, not a reduction after six months of frustration. Time wasted that doesn't help the seller or the agent. A key element in any selling scenario is how well a home for sale has been compared to other sold (and active) properties, and how it has been priced to make the best first impression.

Living in a price-per-square-foot world, it’s never been more important to recognize and emphasis the impact of square footage in the home comparison and valuation processes. 

With so much attention these days focused on technology, the real estate industry often overlooks a number that provides the very foundation, or the heart of home comparison and valuation; square footage. Other than location, size is the key component in any home pricing process. Pull up any group of CMA's or pull up one of the growing number of automated valuation services or AVM's. The first common denominator you will discover is a phrase we all understand and use, but rarely think about its importance; price-per-square-foot. The next time you look at a "sold" listing in MLS, think about the first two numbers you search for. For most people, it's the "sales price" and the "size." An HMS® trained professional understands the POWER in this oversimplified calculation, and how important this simple number can be to nervous home buyers and sellers. Many consumers know little about the home buying and selling process, but the vast majority recognize and fully understand this most often used formula, price-per-square-foot. Discover more about the measurement process, the valuation process, and the way to best protect yourself and your clients. A skill that will make you (and your clients) more money. Home Measurement Specialist - a wealth of information and a Certification for today's real estate professional.  

The art of home pricing has never been more important than in this current real estate environment. A home’s size is a key component in any valuation process and this new generation of HGTV® educated buyers and sellers are looking for real estate professionals with the skills to help them make the wisest decisions possible.  

Consumers will be drawn to a professional real estate practitioner that has taken the time and effort to become a Home Measurement Specialist (HMS®). Agents and appraisers with the HMS® Certification have a full understanding of measuring residential square footage, and how this information influences the home valuation process. They are fully equipped to answer questions from buyers and sellers, and they have the tools to help clients more accurately price their homes. 

​Sellers look to their real estate agent for help marketing their property to the world. Most homeowners assume that measuring their home (and providing an accurate square footage total) is part of their listing agent’s responsibilities. As a Home Measurement Specialist (HMS®), you will have the tools you need to better serve your clients and attract more business than ever before. 

Homeowners want to know they are getting the full fair market value for their home, especially in this down market. While others may rely on the square footage information in public records to calculate suggested listing and/or offer prices, you can stand out from the crowd, by offering your clients the security of knowing their home’s valuation will be based on professional measurements. Most homeowners understand the simple (price-per-square-foot) formula. By letting them know the power “size” has on their home’s value, and that you are trained to provide professional measurements and calculations, you can stand above the competition. A skill that will always be needed, there is a wide variety of places to put your new skills to work. This expertise will attract a wide variety of new business. You will help your clients get the most money possible for their home. It will also help to assure there are no surprises ahead in the appraisal and closing process. 
HMS® member benefits include marketing tools, consumer web site (
consumer newsletters, business partners, personalized profile, tips and advice, access to leading edge research, a panel of residential metrologist to answer any square footage question, and more. Joining the HMS community gives you a reliable source to get answers to any square footage related questions. Ask a specific question or start a group discussion. Experts from across the country will answer any and all questions about measuring residential square footage. A benefit you won’t find in any other program… 

This has been an informative, empowering process! This entire process has been eye-opening, and I believe I've gained a lot of useful insight. Both classes have been very helpful. I'm looking forward to utilizing all the knowledge I've gained and hopefully doing my part to clean up all the misinformation in the market in regards to reliable sources of properties' square footage. Thanks!

John Hicks 06/11/2016 Knoxville, TN