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  • Help your clients discover a fair price, based on accurate information. 

  • In this HGTV® generation, consumers know the simple price-per-square-foot formula. We live in a price-per-square-foot world and consumers recognize and understand this simple formula. Learn to use their knowledge in order to help you get more business.

  • We’ll help you educate consumers about the importance of accurate square footage information (prior to any pricing decisions) and why they should hire you for your unique knowledge.

  • Make your phone ring with more clients than ever before and make more money.

  • Refresh you skills on creating the currency of real estate and discover a new level of liability protection for your clients. Become the local square footage expert that helps consumers (who are better educated and motivated) take every precaution that they pay or receive a fair price for their home.
  • Explore the Power of “Size” and the Currency of Real Estate.

  • Learn to properly measure a single-family home, based on the ANSI® Measurement Guideline. Protect your clients and yourself. 

  • How square footage influences CMA’s and all home valuations.

  • Plus so much more…
  • A New Competitive Advantage
  • Professional Development
  • Increase Credibility, Clients, and Profits
However you define success, you will get there faster earning advanced certifications and designations, like the HMS® - Home Measurement Specialist. 

Learn the fundamentals of measuring residential square footage, and why this (often taken for granted) information influences every residential transaction. 

* Use of the HMS logo and name
* PDF & JPG Certificates
* Customizable Press Release and Marketing Materials
* Bi-monthly newsletter
* Facebook private networking and discussion group
* Access to square footage experts who understand ANSI
* Knowledge not available from any other source
Home Measurement Specialist® 
Announcing the Home Measurement Specialist Certification (HMS®)
The Home Measurement Specialist program are visual online classes for real estate agents or appraisers who are looking for specialized training in measuring and understanding the influence of residential square footage. Students leaving this program will be positioned to increase their profitability, enhance their level of client service, and confidently expand their business in a market where precision and "quality" and elevated to new levels.  

This training program offers real estate professionals the unique opportunity to learn and build key skills in the "art" of home measurement. And, a new wealth of knowledge to understand (and be able to explain) the influence of square footage on the home comparison and valuation processes. 

Been appraising for 31 yrs and actually learned alot about Ansi I never knew. Very informative. Thanks again

S. Pierce 12/2015
Changes are in the air! For details on earning the HMS, please contact Hamp Thomas at
Who is it for? 
The HMS® Certification was specifically developed for those who measure square footage for others and for all real estate professionals who help to determine home prices.Created to provide an overall better understanding of the power of price-per-square-foot, these courses will teach you information not available in any other program.Specifically for those professionals who want to be better at their jobs, and help their clients get a fair price, based on accurate information. In today's real estate environment, it's never been more important to understand the influence of size or square footage over the home comparison and valuation processes. Perfect for appraisal trainees, new agents, and anyone who provides square footage information for others. Because knowledge of square footage is critical to real estate transactions, the HMS® Certification was created to recognize agents and appraisers who have taken the next step to receive professional training in this key area. 
What you gain...
How to earn it... 
Obtaining the HMS® designation is a simple three-step process. 

1. Complete the two HMS® courses ($109.95 each with 7 hrs CE credit). 
2. Take and pass the Final Exam. 
3. Submit the $149.00 designation/application fee.

* There are no annual fees.

Stand out from the rest! Learn more, earn more...
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This has been an informative, empowering process! This entire process has been eye-opening, and I believe I've gained a lot of useful insight. Both classes have been very helpful. I'm looking forward to utilizing all the knowledge I've gained and hopefully doing my part to clean up all the misinformation in the market in regards to reliable sources of properties' square footage. Thanks!

John Hicks 06/11/2016 Knoxville, TN